Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean

September, 1987.

My parents picked me up from Sarah’s sleepover birthday party and I was wearing my favorite outfit (yes, I believe that is a lilac button-up jumpsuit, and it was a hand-me-down from my dad’s boss’s daughter) and my awesome watch, and we drove to Six Flags for the first time to go see Weird Al and the Monkees. First concert ever! Also: BEST CONCERT EVER.

And then later that day, after the concert of excruciating perfection, my little brother and I met Alf.

* Um. A cardboard cut-out of Alf. But, still. Weird Al +The Monkees + ALF = the greatest day ever and nothing shall ever top it.


c1150 said...

I had that same watch

bender said...

only someone as irritating as yourself could make me think less of alf. thanks a lot

Takeareport said...

Bender, seriously, see a shrink or start signing your actual name to posts. Pissing on others anonymously will only make you feel worse about yourself.


And woman who wrote this blog - thumbs up on the trip down memory lane.

I would have been horrified by it at the time (was about 15) but I would have liked to have had the Monkees/Weird Al memories.